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Donating to the Miami Power Team

Do you remember going through some difficulties in your life, and a guardian angel lend their hand at some point? Now we ask for you to be this guardian angel. Help us lend a hand and bring smiles to children with terminal illnesses, cancer, autism, Down syndrome, visually or physically impaired. Be an ambassador for the Miami Power Team Foundation, be a guardian angel!


This is how you could help us:

  • Every month, children come to our headquarters for a painting workshop. We need canvases and painting materials: our angels help us by dropping off materials or sending a donation for us to purchase them.
  • If you own a business, you can be a sponsor to our cause: you would help us by sending a monthly donation. You may also help by gathering donations to the name of the Miami Power Team, Inc. from your customers whenever you make a sale ($1 per order or sale).
  • You could buy a brick and be part of a dream, the dream of building the Miami Power Team Center & Garden!
  • Your Donations will provide us with the means to host fun activities for our children (Day at the Farm, Painting Workshop, etc.). Learn more about our Events and Activities.

Get Involved!

Send your information to to learn how you can help us! You or your business could be one of our angels.

Guardian Angel Initiatives

These are examples of how our Angels have helped in the past. Send us a message at if you’d like to help our organization through your business!

“Flight for a Dream” with Orestes Lorenzo

Cars, Trucks, and Boats for the Miami Power Team

“Todo es Mágico” — words and music by Tony Landa

Pizza Hut – Donate $1 or more 

Karaoke Night by MDC volunteers

Falls Fitness Grand Opening

Zumba with Livin’ Greeny Health Coaching

Universo Marino Fishing Tournament