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Miami Power Team Center & Garden

The Miami Power Team Foundation has the goal of raising funds to buy a piece of land where we will build a permanent center for children with disabilities and terminally ill will come and enjoy monthly activities — this center will be called the “Miami Power Team Center & Garden.”

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With your donation, we will first buy the land needed for the project, and transform it in a paradise for special children and their families. It will be a place to have fun, where they will experience mental, physical, and spiritual relaxation. The Center will be an environment marked by peacefullness, harmony, and human warmth.

We aim to provide our children with a natural environment, with waterfalls, surrounded by gardens, butterflies, orchids, and birds. Tropical trees will surround this special place, and we’ll have animals on-site so children with limitations (like wheelchairs) will be able to feed their favorite pet.

We will have an indoor space for parties, music, karaoke, ballet, theatre, playing, painting, pottery. Girls will be princesses for a day; boys will be princes. Children will be able to take pictures, receive therapy, seminars for parents, an auditorium for concerts with guest artists, and a place for prayer.

MPT Team with Eddy

Our kids will be able to horseride. We’ll have a small lake for canoes, water bicicles, and fishing. We’ll have a basketball field, a baseball field, and a soccer field. A pool for aquatic therapy.

At the entrance to the Center, we will have the “Wall of Gratitude” where the bricks with the names of who made this dream possible will be. A very special place will be designated to our terminally-ill children: the “Garden of Life,” where they will be able to plant a tree or their favorite flowers in their own garden.

Check out our sketches for the MPT Center & Garden

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for the MPT Center & Garden

Buy a brick and be part of a dream: your name, your family’s, or your company’s name will be engraved in something for the future. Leave a legacy of happiness by helping the Miami Power Team Foundation by buying a brick, and by doing so, you will help in the purchase of the land that will be used to build the Miami Power Team Center & Garden.

With your help, the Miami Power Team Center & Garden will be a paradise for our children and their families. A place to have fun, where they can find mental, physical, and spiritual relaxation, surrounded by trees, animals, and gardens.

You may send a check, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order to:

Miami Power Team Foundation, Inc.
12595 SW 137th Ave, #101
Miami, FL — 33186

You will receive a certificate of gratitude, and will be invited to the Miami Power Team Center & Garden on its opening day.

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Become a Guardian Angel, and help us brighten the lives of the Miami Power Team children.

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