Jacqueline Sánchez

Jacqueline Sánchez was born in Havana, Cuba; lived in Spain in 1979, and ultimately moved to the United States in 1980. She graduated in Computer Programming from Garcés Commercial College, and later completed a yearlong training in Computer Science at Barry University. She has also completed seminars in Business Administration from the University of Miami.

Along with his husband and three children, she founded The Miami Power Team Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to the noble cause of giving hope and extending a helping hand to children who are terminally ill, have cancer, and children with disabilities, including children who have autism, Down syndrome, physical impairments and visual impairments. During her tenure as a voluntary member of the Miami Power Team, Jacqueline has been a support link for parents, determining the specific needs of their children and how the Miami Power Team can help. She is responsible for collecting and keeping the data on our children, our volunteers, and our sponsors. She is also responsible for coordinating activities and monthly events.


Become a Guardian Angel, and help us brighten the lives of the Miami Power Team children.

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